The Union of Workers Welcomes James Robb as Guest Columnist.

ANTONY BEEVOR RE-RE-RE-RE-RE-RESURRECTS THE OLD SLANDERS AGAINST THE BOLSHEVIKS By James Robb October 11, 2022 · by James Robb · in working class history, revolution, class struggle, anti-Semitism, Russian revolution, imperialist war, anti-Chinese racism, slander, Trotsky, Lenin, Russian civil war. · First of two posts on the Russian Civil War of 1918-21 Antony Beevor is probably the world’s best-known contemporary writer on twentieth-century military history. His books have sold in excess ofContinue reading “The Union of Workers Welcomes James Robb as Guest Columnist.”

Nan Bailey

By David Rowlands Whenever I bump heads, either directly or indirectly, with a dilletant, Phillistine, windbag or all around blowhard, my thoughts often times take me to Nan Bailey, and in this age of wokeism and widespread capitulation to liberalism, such run-ins are a common occurence. Nan was a light upon a hill, an outstandingContinue reading “Nan Bailey”

The Union of Workers Welcome’s Guest Author Michael Zimmerman.

Michael, who I’ve recently had the pleasure to know, is a good example of the thousands of people who are now on the path towards worker’s power and revolutionary socialism, and who are likewise moving in the direction of the vanguard party in the United States, the Socialist Workers Party. Proletarian Experiences At this veryContinue reading “The Union of Workers Welcome’s Guest Author Michael Zimmerman.”


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